TOP 12 Human Resources Podcasts you Shouldn't Miss

Self-driven and ambitious HR professionals always look for ways to enhance their skills, education and knowledge. Are you one of them, but don't have time for reading? Don’t worry because we have put together a list of Top Human Resources Podcasts you will love. We put them under the list of best podcasts based on current listeners’ comments and preferences.

Requested by some HR professionals, we have also put together a list of HR books that every HR specialist should read.


You don't have time for reading? Well, we can still help you. Here are the Top Human Resources Podcasts you shouldn't miss.

Best Human Resources Podcasts

Hiring On All Cylinders by Entelo

Hiring On All Cylinders is having the important conversations about Recruitment, joined each week by the professionals who are on the front lines filling their organizations with top talent.

Monster Hiring Podcast by Monster

The Monster Hiring podcast from Monster.com features expert advice on how to hire, manage, lead and motivate your — and keep yourself motivated.

Recruiting Daily Podcast

Recruiting Daily Podcast

HR Happy Hour

HR Happy Hour, the longest running and top downloaded HR podcast, focuses on human resources, management, leadership, and workforce technology. The show is hosted by Steve Boese, the Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference, Trish McFarlane, a Human Resources Executive, and writer/speaker on HR and workplace topics.

Recruiters Live Lounge

Video Podcast with Roy Ripper

TalentCulture’s Live Radio Podcast

Turn Up the TalentCulture Volume! Listen and Lear


Invisibilia (Latin for invisible things) is about the invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. Co-hosted by Lulu Miller, Hanna Rosin and Alix Spiegel, Invisibilia interweaves narrative storytelling with scientific research that will ultimately make you see your own life differently. Season 2 of Invisibilia will premiere on June 17, 2016 and feature 7 one-hour episodes to be released on Fridays.

Recruiting Future

Recruiting Future, is a weekly podcast dedicated to innovation and futurology in recruitment and HR. In each episode Matt Alder interviews thought leaders and practitioners who are influencing and changing an industry.

Human Capital Institute

HCI's Nine-to-Thrive HR Podcast

Barclay Jones

Barclay Jones, Recruitment technology, social media and social recruiting evangelists. We work with clever recruiters.


DriveThruHR was designed to be a captivating and easy-to-digest lunch discourse that covers topics relevant to HR professionals. Each 30-minute episode features a guest speaker who shares her or his knowledge and experience in human resources. Our hosts and special guest cover a wealth of topics, including HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Strategic HR, every day at 12:00 pm Central Time. The radio program is hosted by @williamtincup, @thehrbuddy, @TheOneCrystal & @MikeVanDervort- tune in for great HR conversations and follow us on the twitters at @drivethruhr and #dthr.

The Bill Kutik Radio Show

The Bill Kutik Show is a bi-weekly talk show featuring Bill Kutik, one of the leading independent analysts in the HR technology marketplace. The Bill Kutik Radio Show features unedited and unrehearsed conversations with some of the industry's key thought leaders including executives for some of the leading technology providers and practitioners.


Don’t see your favorite HR or talent management podcast on the list above? Did I miss some crucial thought leader? Add them in the comments!

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#RecruiTop - List of Best HR Resources in One Place

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