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We have created TalentLyft for the ambitious HR teams. We are lucky enough to have so many of them using our software. Get to know them and find out why they love TalentLyft.

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Find out how TalentLyft makes the whole Nanobit's hiring process more streamlined and faster. TalentLyft has also helped Nanobit attract more high-quality job candidates through easier communication of their Employer Brand.

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 alt= Ivana Perković

Head Of Human Resources @ NSoft

Overall, TalentLyft has helped us save time and improve the efficiency of our employment process. This is why I would recommend TalentLyft to any HR team looking to improve their recruitment process and results.

 alt= Aco Momčilović

Chief HR Officer @ Rimac Automobili

We were getting tons of CVs ... it was almost impossible to keep the track. TalentLyft didn’t just save us time, it helped us improve every segment of our recruiting process.

 alt= Ana Spasojević

Head of HR @ Nanobit

TalentLyft helps us keep all the applications organized, and it makes the whole process more streamlined. With just a few clicks we can see, review and manage candidates’ profiles, their statuses and track their progress throughout the hiring process. This saves the whole HR department a lot of time on a daily basis.

 alt= Ana Mihelic

HR Manager @ iOLAP

We use TalentLyft’s career page as our default career page. It is easy to customize and update, and it looks amazing. Not only that we have more career site visitors, but more importantly, we have more job applicants.

 alt= Kristina Milinkovic

HR Manager @ Bluesun Hotels & Resorts

Talentlyft is extremely user friendly, especially for big companies with decentralized locations and recruiters who need to share a candidates database. Our recruiters in Bluesun hotels' destinations are very content with clarity and simplicity of this selection system.Thanks to the Talentlyft team for all support and help throughout the process!

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