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Find out howTalentLyft has helped NSoft, one of the world’s top provider of software solutions for online gaming and sports betting industry, to save time and improve the efficiency of their employment process.

About NSoft

An IT company NSoft was founded a few years ago in the garage. Today, it has more than 200 employees and has become one of the world’s top provider of software solutions for online gaming and sports betting industry. Find out how TalentLyft supported this company’s growth! NSoft is an IT company founded by two enthusiasts who started their work in the garage.

In just a few years, have come one of the world’s top provider of software solutions for online gaming and sports betting industry. They have also grown into a company which employs more than 200 people and have become one of the most desirable employers in the Bosnia and Herzegovina. Check out their story and learn how TalentLyft has helped NSoft achieve such a great success!



NSoft is a fast-growing company that has been recognized as the leading IT company in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the five fastest growing companies in Central Europe. In 2018 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Program has ranked NSoft as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe for the 3rd time in a row. NSoft has registered its four years growth rate of 562% and has maintained the leading position in Bosnia and Herzegovina to provide software solutions.

From a modest garage with two employees to a company that employes more than 200 young IT professionals, NSoft has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialized gaming industry solutions. After conquering the European market, they expanded their business to the world market. Today they have clients in 25 countries, covering the markets of the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Africa.


Like most software companies, the biggest problems for NSoft is finding tech talent.

"Since, in terms of human potential, our target group are primarily developers, we, like all other IT companies, face certain difficulties. The deficit of developers is now a global problem so had to came with different hiring strategies to address it. "

In order to successfully respond to this challenge, they had to make their employment process more organized, efficient and faster.


TalentLyft has helped NSoft improve their employment process and make it more organized, efficient and faster.

"Our main goal was to make our hiring process more streamlined. We wanted to automate our hiring process and archiving of all applications in one searchable database. TalentLyft has made that possible. "

Before joining TalentLyft, NSoft's HR staff members spent hours organizing applications and candidate profiles.

TalentLyft’s Applicant Tracking System has successfully streamlined, simplified, automate and fasten their hiring workflows. With TalentLyft, all applications and candidate profiles are automatically stored in one easily searchable database. Rich candidate profiles, interview scheduling, hiring workflows and team collaboration are all managed from a single platform.

In addition, with the help of the TalentLyft's Convert solution, NSoft quickly and easily created a beautiful career page that helped them attract the attention of high-quality candidates. Apart from attracting young professionals from all over their country, they also managed to attract foreigners to come and work in a small city Mostar where their office is located.

"NSoft does not set limits, neither in regards of markets nor new employees. Mostar has become a new milieu for many families from the regional countries, as well as for top developers with a British passport. We receive applications written in foreign languages on a daily basis. Our company is internationally recognized and recognized by both clients and potential candidates from all over the world. "



TalentLyft has helped NSoft by:

  1. Accelerating the implementation of their employment best practices
  2. Providing a new, more systematic approach to validating and archiving applications
  3. Enabling automatization and timely processing of each application
  4. Enabling better and more effective HR team collaboration
  5. Shortening their time to hire
  6. Attracting high-quality candidates from all over the world.
"Overall, TalentLyft has helped us save time and improve the efficiency of our employment process. This is why I would recommend TaletLyft to any HR team looking to improve their recruitment process and results."