Nurture and engage your candidates

Talent CRM

Keep your talent database up to date with powerful Talent CRM

Filling your ATS or CRM with prospects and applicants is not where Talent Acquisition stops. TalentLy’s CRM enables hiring teams to organize data, save time on manual tasks and provide rememberable Candidate Experience.

Sources of Talent

Job Boards
External Agency
Talent Network
Career events
Career site
Social Media
Sources of Talent


Talent segmentation

Former Candidates
Cold Outreach
Talent Network
College Recruitment
Silver medalists

Easily organize and segment your talent pool

Segmenting your candidate database is crucial for delivering outstanding Candidate Experience. Create pools of talent with similar characteristics and skills to send the right message to the right candidate at the right time.

Talent pools

Segment candidates to create talent pools based on your current and future hiring goals.

Powerful filters

Apply filters such as interests, location, skills, disqualification reason, source of application and many more./p>

Nurture candidates with personalized email campaigns

Bring communication with prospects and candidates to a whole new level. Engage and nurture them to deliver experience candidates have never experienced before.


Personalize your communication with candidates to get better response and engagement.


Easily send an email campaign or a newsletter to candidates in your database and talent pools.


Instantly track and measure your campaigns’ performance and results. Use data to optimize.

Utilize rich candidate profiles to deliver the right message at the right time

Hiring teams should have an easy access to all the candidate touchpoints and activities. TalentLyft’s rich candidate profiles give you all the data necessary to communicate efficiently, prioritize and make better hiring decisions.

Boost your hiring team's productivity

Don’t waste your time on boring administrative tasks. TalentLyft’s Talent CRM helps hiring teams be more organized and productive by automating repetitive tasks.


Don’t try to remember everything. Assign tasks to yourself or your team members.


Setting reminders will ensure that you never miss an important task or the right moment to engage with a candidate.


Automatically log your emails, calls, evaluations, disqualifications or any other activities made with candidates.

ATS and Talent CRM in one solution

Having an ATS and Talent CRM under one solution has many benefits over integrating two different vendors.

Most HR teams use separate ATS and CRM tools

… so they encounter problems:

Real time data sync
Implementation cost
HR team sync

We put an end to that

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